Safety DayLights® - Be safe, be seen Safety DayLights® - Be safe, be seen Safety DayLights® - Be safe, be seen

LED Safety DayLights - 83mm Round

The LED Combination Lamp features an integrated Safety DayLight™ function, front position indicator, and front position lamp. The lamp features a traditional round lens that illuminates with a distinctive ring of white LEDs when used as a Safety DayLight. This lamp eliminates the need for installation of multiple lamps. For Safety DayLight functionality only, part number 1006 is available.

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P/N 1006  LED Safety DayLights

Fit & Forget by Design RFCommSafeUltra Long Life5 Year Warranty ADR ComplianceGrilamid LenUV ResistantNew Zealand Made

P/N 1007-24V/2108-GMD/2108-GMD24V  LED Combination Lamps

Fit & Forget by Design RFCommSafeUltra Long Life5 Year WarrantyECE CertifiedGrilamid LenUV ResistantNew Zealand Made 


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 Part NumberLED Safety DayLightsLED Front Direction Indicator/Front Position/Safety DayLights™
10062108-GMD12 VOLT
1007-24V (Includes Front Position Lamp) 2108-GMD24V24 VOLT

Flush mount. Single bolt 1/4" stainless UNC thread. Nut and washer supplied.

Power Consumption Safety DaylightsTM:         4W
Front position:                1W (P/N 1007-24V only)
Safety DaylightsTM:         3W (P/N 2108-GMD) / 4W (2108-GMD24V)
Front position:                1W
Front indicator:               4W
Protection Reverse polarity and transient spike circuit protection.
IP 6K7 (Protection against dust and temporary water immersion)
IP 6K9K (Protection against dust and high pressure/steam jet cleaning)
Cable Length Pre-wired with 2.5m of sheathed multi-core cable.
Lens Material Grilamid® 
Compliance E24 5854       ECE R87/00
ECE R7/02 (1007-24V)
ADR 6/00; Cat 1a     ADR 49/00       ADR 76/00        E24 5854 
ECE R6/01                ECE R7/02       ECE R87/00


P/Ns 1006*, 1007-24V 
2108-GMD,  2108-GMD24V
LED Safety DayLights - 83mm Round
* Safety DayLight Only
P/N 1006*/1007-24V/2108-GMD/2108-GMD24V
           All dimensions in mm.